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We help married partners, fiancés, civil partners, proposed civil partners and unmarried partners move to and settle in the UK every week.

You have found the perfect person. Maybe you are planning a wedding or civil partnership, or perhaps you are married or have had a civil partnership already and want to join your partner in the UK.

There are different types of visa applications for people marrying or having a civil partnership. One of the main factors to be taken into consideration is you and your partner’s nationality and immigration status in the UK, as this changes the visa application you have to make. One of our immigration lawyers can explain how the different routes work and what the best visa route is for you and your partner.

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UK Marriage or Spouse Visa

A UK Marriage Visa or a Spouse Visa allows foreign nationals to join their partner in the UK, who they are either married or are in a civil partnership to. The partner must be a British Citizen or a person who is ‘settled’ in the UK. ‘Settled in the UK’ means that you are ordinarily resident in the UK with no immigration restrictions on the length of your stay. The visa will be granted for two years and can lead to further leave to remain, Indefinite Leave to Remain and Naturalization as a British Citizen.

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Fiancé and Proposed Civil Partner Visa

A Fiance or Proposed Civil Partner Visa allows a foreign national to enter the UK in order to get married within six months of arriving in the UK. As there are multiple limitations with this visa route, such as only being able to apply from outside the UK, it is advised that specialist advice should be sought from an immigration expert.

EEA Family Permit

An EEA Family Permit is appropriate for a partner who is an EEA national who is outside of the UK and who would like to join their partner in the UK. Having an EEA Family permit makes the migrating process quicker and easier. Without one, migrants risk not get a boarding pass and experiencing major delays.

Marriage Visitor Visa

A Marriage Visitor Visa allows a partner to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK. Unlike the Fiance and Proposed Civil Partner Visa route, the foreign national must leave the UK when the Marriage Visitor Visa expires.


EEA Residence Card

An EEA Residence card allows an EEA national to live and work in the UK with their UK partner. It lasts for up to five years, after which the recipient can apply for permanent residency. It may be important to note that from 12 November 2015, if a person with permanent residence wishes to apply for Biriths citizenship, he or she will first have to apply for a permanent residence certificate or card. This is as a result of the British Nationality (General)(Amendment No. 3) Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/1806).

Unmarried Partner Visa (UK Defacto Visa)

An Unmarried Partner Visa (also known as the UK defacto Visa) allows the unmarried partner to join their partner in the UK. The UK partner must be either a British Citizen or ‘settled in the UK’. This visa route is available to both heterosexual and same sex relationships as long as you can evidence that your relationship is subsisting and has lasted for two or more years. Our experienced immigration advisors will be able to advise you how to best do this.

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