Can Immigration Lawyers Stop Deportation?

It is always the right choice to call an expert and the same is true when dealing with immigration law. This is something that changes frequently and a qualified immigration lawyer will stay aware of all the laws as well as requirements.

If someone has gotten a notice of deportation they might wonder what to do. They might want to keep their new England life intact. They have built relationships including friends and perhaps family. They might even have a job that they enjoy. They want to know their options and what they can do to remain in place. Immigration lawyers are skilled to handle such a situation. A professional lawyer that specialises in immigration law is who needs to be put on the job. They are trained to help put an end to the call for deportation.

Talking with and working with an expert will help the individuals dealing with the situation have peace of mind. There are different ways to handle this situation and the visa holder doesn’t need to be concerned or know what to do on their own. Immigration lawyers are available to help. When they know when a person has been in the United Kingdom (UK) as a legal resident for at least five years, they are eligible to get their deportation cancelled. Just keep in mind there must be no felony record.

Other factors to consider are having close family, such as several children in the UK, as well as military and community services. Furthermore, items considered to help with cancelation are having an employment history or business ownership. These show the judge that this individual is involved in the community and their life in the UK. Factors that will not help the cause are having a bad moral character and violations on file against the immigration law.

People who do not meet factors leading to deportation cancellation still have a chance. An immigration lawyer can work to help them to put a hold on the deportation for several months to allow the individual time to create a better case for them to stay in the UK. All of the options and rules will be discussed by the immigration lawyer and the client to find the best solution.

However, trying to do it on your own many not be the most viable decision as without the expert help of immigration lawyers, your chances of getting the deportation cancelled would be extremely low. It is noteworthy that most of the immigration cases are not tried in the court of law as a criminal case, unless the individual has committed a felony and that is the reason for deportation.

However, if the individual has committed a heinous crime in the country, there is no lawyer that would be able to stop the deportation, unless of course, the individual is serving time behind bars. The only thing that can help is proving that the individual needs a second chance and is on the oath of correction. However, in such casesFeature Articles, chances are slim and deportation is still most likely.

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